Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Participation in ENGSSCHAT
It was a bit of a maelstrom to get into a twitter conversation. The technical hassle and difficulties establishing a hashtag made me not even want to bother with the assignment. Once I got a groove of what was going on and what I was supposed to do I finally was able to enjoy this unique way of using message boards.
The conversation that I participated in was regarding collective intelligence and how it affects the classroom and others. I chimed in that we must harness the power of the group instead of just being individuals.
  I was shocked to realize that what I said managed to get retweeted and sparked discussion among my peers. At first I was just trying to reference Rheingold for the sake of getting my participation points, but hearing people who are also in my field agree made my thought feel much more relevant in the scope of education,
Twitter is not something I am particularly fond of, but the quick and dirty format helped make this conversation much more efficient and allow everyone to give their two cents. The approach to how it manages a message board lets everyone drop in or out, making it much more accessible and welcoming than your average page.

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