Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blog Post 6: Affinity Space

I must say, the script I made for this video essentially answers all the questions and concerns about this project.
I chose a piece of pop culture as eclectic as the Wu-Tang Clan because it has always bothered me how people refuse to think that a group of musicians cannot expand beyond their medium into other creative endeavors properly. The Wu-Tang Clan is a rap collective of not just a bunch of cool rappers, but martial arts connoisseurs, filmmakers, and visual designers. Their presence is a subtle, but powerful one. Composing the scores of the films by Auteurs like Jim Jarmusch (Ghost Dog, Dead Man, Broken Flowers) and Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction) to restoring lost films from the golden era of Hong Kong Kung Fu. Their best-selling rap albums are just a footnote to their influence on American pop culture.
   The rappers of the Clan are all well versed in Eastern philosophy and culture, most notably the world renowned RZA, who has even published philosophy books like the Tao of Wu. RZA has so much clout in Hollywood due to his famous connections that he even managed to get his own martial arts film made, The Man with the Iron Fists, a love letter to the '70s Kung Fu films the members of the Clan all grew up with.
Getting into their groove is not hard at all. The discographies of the main group along with all of the affiliates are easily available for purchase digitally and via retail, the books are still in print, and the RZA's film is still showing in theaters.
People tend to interpret Hip-Hop as a single minded genre of music incapable of expanding beyond what is playing on the radio, by introducing others into the Wu-Tang, I hope to enlighten people with the myriad of ways that a great musical act can achieve.

Similarly to my this is believe video. I used Adobe Premiere to mix all of the video footage together. I downloaded the instrumental to one of their songs to frame the entire video, which I then adjusted in volume to allow my voice to be heard. Nothing too hard like my previous video, especially since I did not have to deal with stuff like editing myself into a chroma keyed background.

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