Thursday, September 13, 2012

BLOG POST TRES (finished!) Double Team Gifs for my ds106 visual project

I really enjoyed creating these gifs. My friend and me are big fans of the bad/awesome insanity of Double Team, thus we decided to make these gifs to honor its greatness. Exploring film using very specific frames is actually a very unique exercise. You are not just picking out your favorite scenes, but which ones resonate and you can directly pick out from memory. Picking a movie I enjoy for ironic reasons might not be the best example, but it also demonstrates the ways one can manipulate simple frames to create a desired effect.
I used VLC media player to have the film play on the PC from a DVD. The media player allows me to make all kinds of adjustment to the frame rate, speed, angle, and size of what I am playing. Using a frame by frame screenshot add-on from the player, about 4 to 8 shots were taken per gif. The shots were then taken to adobe premiere to be turned into gifs by just having them run in quick succession. A few of them were harder to make than others, but thankfully the program never crashed and allowed me to convert them with ease.
The best jumping away explosion of all time

Tiger versus Mickey Rourke versus landmines in a Colosseum, seriously.

Everything can be survived if done with Coca-Cola products

Can you dig it?

Yes, dirtbikes that match Dennis Rodman's hair color and Van Damme punches a tiger to save his baby



  1. Fun stuff, here. Looks like it made it over to ds106. Good work!

  2. Guy kicks a tiger in the face and humps and old-school tub filled with water. Gold right there.

  3. Awesome. Going to have to watch Double Team now... I know, I know... I haven't seen it. I was more of a Bloodsport fan, myself. Sudden Death and Time Cop were pretty sweet, too.

  4. These are really good, I love the Dennis Rodman tongue one, it loops really well. Great job, this movie is really weird and terrible yet okay all at the same time. lol :P