Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This I believe (ESSAY)

I believe in the Horror Club

      Kennesaw State University is an institution that wishes its students to express themselves. When my friend and I first arrived here, we were impressed by the variety of groups of people.  We checked out the clubs the University had available, but none of them suited our quite particular tastes.  Out of this frustration with the options for extracurricular activities, The KSU Horror Club was born.  For almost the entirety of the 2011 fall semester, my friend and I fought to get our club off the ground, with many false starts and obstacles in our way, it seemed like we were never going to be able to achieve our goal. All our efforts did pay off in the end; we managed to secure room and funding for our screenings and activities in the spring and we have going strong ever since. This silly little tale was written by yours truly not to be just a stupid piece of propaganda for my college club, but to inspire others to create their own groups as well.
      As an individual in my fourth year of higher education, the University landscape is not unfamiliar to me, but to many freshmen it is an eye-opening experience. I see many young students walking around with a bewildered look on their faces, as if their vision of a College was not realized in the one they attend. In many ways, this was the same for me, had it not been for my co-founding member to truly push for our crazy idea, I would have never truly enjoyed my college experience.  Universities offer funds to any student who gets their club approved; they guide and assist them in all ways possible. If a student cannot find a group for his/her particular interests, they are more than welcome to make their own. There will always be people like you to cooperate and make your vision come true.

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